Tomie dePaola 2013 entry

Excerpt from Tom Sawyer
(pen and ink)

This is my entry for SCBWI’s 2013 Tomie dePaola contest.  The guidelines are to create a black and white illustration from one of three classic childrens’ books in a “spread” format.  I chose a short passage from Tom Sawyer, shown on the left.  ALL of the shading in the picture was created by writing that phrase with different size pens — yes, I wrote that phrase quite a few times!  To meet the guidelines for the contest, there are only words to the left of the mid-line on the image.

Here’s a detail from the picture:

One comment

  1. Great idea and execution! I love the jaunty step of the pirate and the trees trailing over to the left page. Especially love the text-ure and shading.

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