2013 SCBWI Wild, Wild Midwest Conference

I attended the SCBWI “Wild, Wild Midwest Conference” this past weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I had a great time, the faculty and programs were outstanding, and I met so many nice (and talented) artists and writers.

There was a juried art show, and the winning artwork was an adorable picture by Debbie Palen. I am proud to say that my illustration (below) was tied for runner-up with artworks by Sheralyn Barnes and Troy Cummings (check out their fabulous work too!)

The SCBWI Advisors and volunteers who organized the event deserve accolades for a wonderful conference and many thanks for the time and effort it took to coordinate!


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  1. Great post- congratulations on your win! This makes me wonder- why is he leaving ? Why is he angry? What will happen now? Successful storytelling! And thanks for the link, Mike! It was great meeting you.

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