Painting a 45 Record

I am working on a project for Sky Pony Press that involves a lot of dancing and 45 records. When I included a full-size 45 record in the sketches, I had an idea of how I was going to paint it.

I spray-glued some watercolor paper to a piece of hardboard and drilled a hole in the middle. I marked the diameters of the record, label, and hole using a pencil.

I fired up my vintage turn table, and used a #2 brush to paint the edges using sepia ink. I free-handed a wet wash of prussian blue across part of the record. Finally, I used a wide, frizzy china bristle brush to drag the grooves onto the record. I painted the label, then used Photoshop to slip the record into it’s sleeve!

groovy1 groovy2 groovy3